AARON SAMUEL BEN MOSES SHALOM OF KRE-MENETS (d. c. 1620), rabbi and author. A pupil of ephraim solomon b. aaron Luntschits when the latter was rabbi at Lemberg, Aaron Samuel was forced to immigrate to Germany as a youth. Toward the end of 1606 he was preaching in Fuerth. In 1611 he was in Eibelstadt (not, as often stated, Eisenstadt), Lower Franconia, where he wrote an ethical treatise entitled Nishmat Adam, on the origin and essence of the soul, the purpose of human life, and divine retribution (Hanau, 1611; Wilmersdorf, 1732). In 1615 he became rabbi in Fulda, where he wrote an introduction and notes to a homily on the Decalogue by Baruch Axelrod (Hanau, 1616). In his Nishmat Adam he mentions three unpublished works on ethical and religio-philosophical problems (Be'er Sheva, Or Torah, and Ein Mishpat), as well as novellae to the Talmud, entitled Kitvei Kodesh. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: L. Loewenstein, in: JJLG, 6 (1908), 154, n. 1; J.J. Gruenwald, Ha-Yehudim be-Ungarya (1912), 18–19 (and A. Freimann's note, p. 14). (Jakob Naphtali Hertz Simchoni)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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